Investment Philosophy

Having an investment process in place is the only way to cope with uncertainties and the only way to survive in the long run. 

Managing risk is paramount while seeking strong investment returns.  At the portfolio level, we manage risk through diversification by choice of major asset classes and thereafter, sector, industry, and individual security selections. 

Protecting your Tomorrows Today: Protecting what you've created is just as important as accelerating growth – one major loss can totally derail all of your retirement plans. My primary objective is to make sure you achieve your goals regardless of what the markets do day in and day out.  
Solid as a Rock: Creating a strong dependable base with your investment portfolio gives you that sense of safety you need to feel confident in your future.  In my experience, women's number one goal is security which can be achieved with a guaranteed lifetime income stream.
Sweeten the Pot: Growth is a necessary component of any portfolio whether it is to simply maintain your standard of living or simply to sweeten the pot and provide for extra spending. You need enough growth in your portfolio with sustainable returns in order to maintain your standard of living and to make sure that you do not outgrow your assets. 

Your portfolio should perform these three functions:


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