How I Help

Create Your Personal Lifestyle Wealth Plan~which clarifies and aligns your values, your dreams and your goals with your financial opportunities.


The first step to becoming engaged in your own financial affairs is to gain clarity of your needs and desires and to identify your purpose – what's important to you.  Your purpose should drive all of your decisions when managing your wealth.  The foundation for achieving your life by your design starts with my Life by Design process.  


I will help you ~Clarify what is really important to you (your core values). Prioritize and defineyour goals. Benchmark your current reality. Create your financial roadmap. Inspire you to take action.


Incorporate Your  Safe Money Strategy~ a unique wealth management approach designed specifically for women to preserve and protect your assets and income.


Cash management is the key to unlocking your financial freedom.  It is important in good times, but it is even more critical when things take a turn for the worse.  ISSUES to review:  Cash Management, Risk Management,  Retirement Planning, Retirement Income Planning, Wealth Preservation/transfer, Tax Planning.

Become a member of Savvy Women Safe Money Circle ~  Every woman would like more out of life, more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Financial education is key to these goals.  By putting women in control of their own financial destinies, women become capable of producing abundance in every area of their lives.

I Invite You ~ to become a member of my SAVVY WOMEN ~ SAFE MONEY circle where you will become more engaged, educated and confident in your financial abilities The series are engaging, interactive and fun presentations for women only held within an environment where you will feel comfortable and where you will feel safe. An environment that will give you a voice that encourages you to speak up – an opportunity to become more knowledgeable, educated and inspired. 

At PARIS Financial we provide successful individuals with conservative strategies to grow wealth during accumulation and savings years, to protect their wealth during their retirement years and tax advantaged strategies to distribute their wealth during their life and upon their death.  

Schedule your complimentary discovery phone session TODAY!

Take the first step,  let's get acquainted! We listen and inquire about your past and present experiences, family, and concerns. Tell me your story and I will design a plan based on your values, goals - what's important to you.


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