DIRECTIONS: Place a check mark in the box for the statements that best describe you. Count the number of checkmarks under each type. The type with the most checkmarks is your primary money personality type.

Type #1

1. I love spending money.

2. I feel emotionally satisfied when I spend money.

3. I cannot turn down a good sale, even if I have no need for the item.

4. I cannot control myself in stores.

5. I buy a lot of things that I don’t need or don’t use (for example, I don’t cook, but I own many cookbooks and fancy kitchen appliances).

6. I am very impulsive when it comes to shopping. I will act and buy something before I have a chance to think about it.

7. I have a lot of debt, but I cannot or will not stop shopping.

Type #2

1. I only buy things on sale.

2. I actively clip coupons and make an event out of it.

3. I conserve energy – I like the concept of “going green”.

4. I check my online bank account on a daily basis.

5. I do not use credit cards, but if I do, the balance is always paid off in full every month.

6. I do not have to “keep up with the Joneses” (buy every new fad item), really, I could care less.

7. I reduce, reuse and recycle.

Type #3

1. I have a purpose-filled life. I feel rewarded in what I do.

2. I work for myself and that has proven to be or is starting to be financially rewarding.

3. I always have ideas and I often put action to those ideas.

4. I understand that entrepreneurship (running my own business) is one the main ways to get wealth.

5. I am comfortable with taking risks with money.

6. I don’t depend on an employer for my financial well-being.

7. I am empowered by choice.

Type #4

1. I know what is going on with my money at all times.

2. I make my money work for me.

3. I am confident about my money choices.

4. I actively participate in the stock market. I believe in creating passive streams of income (income I do not have to work at to earn).

5. I like a balance between having financial security and being able to spend money.

6. I enjoy making budgets and being an active participant in planning what to do with my money.

7. I am empowered by money.

Type #5

1. I don’t spend money unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then, I have to be convinced to do so.

2. I save more than 50% of my take-home income.

3. I save so much money that I do not allow myself to enjoy life.

4. I have a large rainy day fund because the rainy day is coming, and coming soon.

5. I am scared of being poor.

6. I am fearful of never having enough.

7. I worry that I may never be comfortable with money. 

Type #6

1. I generally have no concerns about money.

2. I don’t really think about money, it is just there when I need it.

3. I would rather enjoy my money than think about how to make money.

4. I don’t pay attention to my finances; I have a competent team who manages my finances for me.

5. My goal is to enjoy life to the fullest.

6. I buy what I like, but I can afford it. Spending money to buy things that I like does not cause stress.

7. Life is too short to worry, therefore, I don’t.

Type #7

1. I do not like money; I think it is the root of all evil.

2. I do not understand money; it confuses me and gives me a headache.

3. I do not like talking about or dealing with money. As a result, I often deal with one financial crisis after another.

4. I generally have a lot of worries about money.

5. I am fearful of money.

6. I would rather not think about money, even if it is directly related to my well- being.

7. I have had a panic attack due to anxiety about money issues.

Type #8

1. I love flashy things.

2. I love leasing cars because it allows me to get a new car every few years.

3. I am not “keeping up with the Joneses” because I am Mr./Mrs. Jones (I buy every new, fad item out there).

4. I love spending money…a lot of money.

5. I do not fear debt, even though I may have a lot of it.

6. I am not a bargain shopper. You will never catch me clipping coupons.

7. I love a good thrill.

8. Life is too short not to have fun, so I will spend the necessary amount of money to have fun - even if I don’t have the cash to do so.

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