My Life by Design

Before we can begin looking at your money, we have to learn what is important to you – what truly drives you, and what allows you to feel happy, comfortable, and fulfilled. For most women, it's not just about your immediate needs; it's about the value you add to your family, community and the world.

Money is not meant to be feared, it's not meant to create anxiety, it's not meant to become a chore. Your money is a tool that you can utilize to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

This becomes your purpose and should drive all your decisions when managing your wealth. It is this that you must communicate to your Financial Professional, or husband, or those that may assist you with managing your money. Without this clarity and knowledge, you will often find your money scattered, disorganized, and creating more stress and anxiety.

Now that you know your purpose, knowing how your money is segmented or positioned to help you live a purposeful life by your design is the next step. Understanding what each product is designed to do for you and how it will help you achieve your Life by Design is critical to creating more comfort and confidence.

The foundation of your Life by Design should start with you what you want and hope to accomplish in your life. Considering this as a priority, it's most important that you find a Financial Professional who has a process that can help you clarify your unique wants and needs and who recognizes that each woman is unique in her style of living.

This is about YOUR life and YOUR expectations. Understanding your unique style of living provides the clarity and awareness that instills financial confidence.

Once we have designed the life you want my job is to help you develop a plan that will make it a reality. We will be creative yet prudent when designing your Life by Design Plan.

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PARIS Financial provides successful women with conservative strategies to grow their wealth during accumulation/savings years~ to protect their wealth during their retirement years~ and tax-advantaged strategies to distribute their wealth during their lifetime and upon their death 

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