Retirement Planning For Women

Differentiating her approach to assisting women in retirement planning, Patricia brings a special focus on the challenges all women must consider in the process of building a foundation for the retirement they envision and successfully plan for.

Women must navigate unique concerns in planning for their retirement. Overall, women earn less than men, live longer, spend less time in the workplace as a result of childcare or caring for an aging parent and have different insurance needs. Making a retirement plan a priority is more important than ever and will pay off the in long run to help ensure a more secure and comfortable retirement.

Factors women need to consider in retirement planning:

A Growing Awareness and Willingness to take action: Save more, save often and invest wisely

The good news is that it is never too late to start saving or revisit your current retirement plan. As your financial advisor, Patricia guides you through your options, to access how much you will need to save and how with a strategic plan based on your circumstances and retirement goals.

At PARIS Financial  Planning we are dedicated to empower and equip women with the tools to plan, save and invest to ultimately achieve a secure worry-free retirement.

Women should have a backup plan if retirement should come earlier than expected. Every woman should have her own retirement strategy to address her unique situation.

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Women and Retirement Planning

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