Taking Control

Financial LifestyleWhat role do you want your money to play in your life?  As a natural multi-tasker, you must incorporate a process or routine that allows you to proactively manage your money so that no stone is left unturned and nothing falls through the cracks. Just as we create routines and a process in other areas of life, we must do the same with our money. 

But the reality is there are many aspects to consider when managing your wealth. You've got your investments (stocks, bonds, Mutual Funds), insurance (life insurance, long-term care, mortgages), lending issues, and estate planning. At times, managing your wealth can feel overwhelming. Together we will break everything down into a manageable system that works for you.

At PARIS Financial Planning, I take the time to help you determine what your specific financial goals are, and then walk you through the variety of options, showing you how different ones fit – or do not fit – your needs and goals. By selecting to work with my firm, it is important to me that you are well-informed about your finances. A financial planner can guide you, but ultimately you make the choices.

I Will Help You...

• Clarify what's really important to you
(your core values). 

•  Prioritize and define your goals. 
•  Benchmark your current reality.
•  Create your financial roadmap.
•  Inspire you to take action. 

Financial Lifestyle

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