Social Security Planning

“I am a wealth advisor who helps women get the most out of the Social Security system. Whether they are married, divorced, widowed, or never married, women need to know how Social Security works so they can feel more secure about their financial future.”

Social Security has many provisions favorable to women, including the ability to draw benefits based on a current or former spouse's earnings record, and survivor benefits that are more often paid to women due to their longer life expectancies.

Social Security Rules & Strategies

These rules and strategies can be somewhat complex depending on your marital status. But it's definitely worth understanding because it's what can help you get more out of the system.

Part of the equation for women in financially preparing for retirement is maximizing Social Security income by proactively planning when to file for benefits.

Did you know?

  • Women love Social Security. Here's one reason why. Social Security Offers Income You Can't Outlive.
  • Many divorced clients are unaware that they may be entitled to spousal or survivor benefits on an ex-spouse's work history if they have been previously married for 10 years and are not currently married.
  • Are you currently married or have been married before? Are there any former husbands, dead or alive, lurking out there? You may be able to receive Social Security benefits based on a former husband's work record.
  • If you delay filing for Social Security until age 70, your benefits increase 8% every year you wait.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all women collecting Social Security benefits today are collecting solely or in part off of their husband's earning history.
  • You could be entitled to one or more of the following: Retirement benefits, spousal benefits, divorced- spouse benefits, or survivor benefits. How you coordinate all these benefits is crucial in determining your overall Social Security income.

I can help you navigate the bureaucratic waters and make the right decisions about when and how to take Social Security benefits.

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 Did You Know?

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I can help you navigate the bureaucratic waters and make the right decisions around these “Key Decision Points”.