Thoughts can be self-sabotaging tools, and they can damage your finances as well as they do your relationships. Positive affirmations are more than mere pop psychology—science shows that they actually work. Studies have proven that they negate anxiety and help you to solve those debt problems, and brain scans show equally solid evidence of their effects on your pocket. They light up the brain’s pre-frontal cortex, which broadens your processing ability and makes it easier to reflect on and use your resources more efficiently. They overcome all the negative self-talk that you roll around in your head and, with practice, they’ll help you gain control of your money. Effective affirmations have four traits in common:

-1) They are Precise

If you can picture it in your mind, your vision is all the more powerful. Affirming a general improvement in your spending habits might lead you to spend fewer dollars—hardly a life-changing habit, so be precise in your vision: “I’m saving an extra $2,000 this year.”

-2) They are Positive

Negative words like “can’t” and “won’t” don’t change the neural responses of your reward centers. Rephrase your affirmation so that it uses positive language. Instead of saying, “I’m not working that dead-end job anymore,” say, “I’m working in my dream career as a piano teacher.” Stay away from negative words such as “poor” and “debt.”

-3) They Use the Present Tense

One of the most important traits of positive affirmations is that they can be visualized as though they’re happening right now. This way, your reward centers, and posterior cortex will be affected. Use the present tense by speaking as though your affirmation is already true. Rather than saying, “I’m becoming wealthy,” say, “I am wealthy.”

-4) They are Spoken with Feeling

Positive emotions are powerful regulators that help you get beyond your hurdles far more easily, and in the world of affirmations, they also add efficacy. The positive energy you drum up inside yourself will become a powerful motivator all on its own. It will also add meaning to your vision.

Faith is belief without evidence, and it is something even secular women can benefit from. It shifts your emotional energy, lights up the reward centers in your brain, and literally makes your goals easier to achieve. The subconscious mind can be harnessed to help you reach financial freedom starting today. 

Some of my affirmations are: I am blessed, I am grateful, I am loved, I am love, I am wealthy...

What are some of yours?


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