Women increasingly have a need for more control over their finances as their wealth increases.  To achieve your purpose in life, managing your money is more than just investing in stocks and bonds. There are four common themes in managing your wealth:

  • Asset Management
  • Liabilities
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Estate Planning

Aspects of Wealth Management and Why they are Important

Asset Management: How your assets are invested is a critical component in managing your wealth; it often receives the most focus, even though there are many other aspects that require attention.

Liabilities & Debt: How we manage our debt and liabilities can add significant impact to achieving our purpose in life.  Addressing the issues and learning how to use debt to increase your value is just as important as managing your investments.

Proactive Strategies: While women tend to focus more on how to spend and grow money, it is important to consistently review how you are protecting your wealth.

Estate Planning: Knowing how to prepare for the inevitable and plan for the unexpected can enhance the overall benefits of your money.

In reality, your life is changing and evolving so quickly that what was accurate and appropriate last year may become an issue this year. Just as your life evolves, so should your approach to managing your money.    

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