Paris 5 Important Steps to Becoming a Smart and Savvy Woman
1. Trust your intuition – have faith in your abilities to effectively manage your wealth on your terms.
2. Rely on your natural strengths as a woman to make smart financial decisions to secure your financial future.
3. Take control of your wealth - work with your advisor that has a process where your voice is heard and your input is considered.
4. Get engaged in your financial affairs and gain confidence in your financial abilities.
5. Think of money as a tool to help you achieve your goals and empower you to live a worry free purpose filled life.

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Welfare to Wealth ~ The Money Story I Never Wanted To Tell

Part memoir, my life of personal tragedy and triumph - part personal finance, a call for women to step into a deeper level of their power and change the way they think about money and creating wealth.

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 PARIS Financial Planning for Women
~Winning The FinanCial Game ~

  • Are you concerned about outliving your money? 
  • Are you concerned you may have to change your lifestyle?
  • Would you like to have more confidence in making smart financial decisions?
  • Would you like to have peace of mind that your financial future will be secure?
  • Would you like to have more clarity on how to use your money to live a purposeful and fulfilled life?

If your answer is yes, you've landed on the right page!

These are the same concerns I had about my own financial future and the reason why I was inspired to work with women who are going through a major life transition to help them achieve financial independence with clarity, confidence, and peace of mind and let them know "they're not alone" and how I can help.

A Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm

Who I Help
Women and divorce
Women who have lost their spouse
Women and retirement
Women and finance

Career change or business ownership

How I Help

• Create your Personal Lifestyle Wealth Plan – the roadmap for financial independence,
security, freedom, choices, flexibility

• Build your Financial Roadmap proper strategies to achieve your goals based on your values
• Spending Plan – manage, minimize, eliminate debt, cash flow, savings
• Create your Safe Money Strategies - mitigating risks, insurance to protect your assets and income, wills, trusts, POA, leave a legacy  
• Confidence - that no matter what happens in the market, the economy, politics, world events you will achieve your goals
• Security, peace of mind - to maintain current lifestyle, enough money for your lifetime
• Hand holding- support and accountability

• Empowered - with financial knowledge and in control of your financial life with ease and joy

More Than Data ~ The Heart of Financial Success

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There is no true empowerment until you are financially self-reliant!


Work With Me

At PARIS FINANCIAL PLANNING ~ I am on a mission to help women gain clarity around their money, while they come to understand the purpose for their money; and to inspire them to embrace their financial life with confidence taking one step at a time. I have created a small practice that revolves around creating a comfortable and safe environment specifically for women to talk about money.

I will partner with you to create a comprehensive holistic financial plan that considers all aspects of your financial life, including retirement, risk, taxes, cash flow, insurance, and estate planning. No matter where you are on your life's journey, I seek to understand your situation in order to avoid the ripple effects that one problem left unsolved has on other parts of your financial objectives, your lifestyle and future financial freedom. At the very heart of the client-centric experience is purposeful listening to understand your entire life picture, not just your finances.

In order to provide a high level of personalized service, I only take a limited number of clients. As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, CRPC® I am required to eliminate or expose any potential conflicts of interest. I operate under the Fiduciary Standard which means I am legally bound to act in the best interests of my clients. 

I have no sales production goals or quotas and it is for that reason I am free to find the right solutions for you. At PARIS Financial Planning, I make it easy to talk about both financial and even emotional issues that revolve around your money in a way that makes sense and empowers you to transform your financial life into one that not only works for you but takes you to the next level. I will help you understand the financial challenges of life's transitions.

 "Gain confidence and be empowered to change
your relationship  with your money "




is to create a world where every woman feels inspired and motivated to move beyond her fears, where she feels confident in her ability to make important financial decisions to create the life of her dreams”


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is to help women gain clarity around their money, while they come to understand the purpose for their money; and to inspire them to embrace their financial life with confidence taking one step at a time”

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Why Women?  

As the result of working in the male-dominated financial services profession for the past 23 years, it has been my observation that many advisors communicate with women in counterproductive ways, making them feel more insecure, confused and intimidated. 

Because women are wired differently, women struggle more and have different fears when it comes to money than men.  Women view planning for their future not as an end in itself, but as a tool for reaching life and family goals.  Women view planning for a secure financial future as a way to protect themselves against the unexpected as opposed to simply growing assets. 

They want an advisor that listens to them and understands the key lifestyle events that could affect their financial security if they lose their spouse through death or divorce, experience a career change, business ownership change or are nearing retirement.

How do I know this?  I have experienced fear, guilt, shame and overwhelmed about money that has caused me to be stressed and worried about my own financial future in addition to being misunderstood.   

Women need a space where they feel comfortable to discuss both financial and even the emotional issues that revolve around their money.  By giving you a voice, together we will simplify your financial life and provide understandable solutions that give you a greater sense of control and confidence in your financial future. 

I help women in transition solidify a compelling vision for their future by giving them clear direction.  I help them understand their options with a simple plan that makes sense and reassures them that their income and financial future is secure.   

I help my clients protect their income, identify the risks of outliving their assets and maximize the value of their portfolios.  As a result of working with me, I will create your personal lifestyle wealth plan and build your safe money strategy, which is designed to protect and preserve your income and assets. 

“I will help you tap into your natural strengths to define your purpose and empower you to make smart financial decisions by using my “Life by Design” process” 

Looking forward... 

I see myself expanding more and reaching more women to spread the word that when you experience any type of transition there are financial experts who are specifically trained to help you and you don't have to do it alone...there is support.  And I would love to be that support!

Schedule your 30-Minute Get Financially Fit Strategy Call TODAY! 

PARIS Financial Planning provides women with conservative strategies to grow their wealth during accumulation/savings years~ protect their wealth during their retirement years~ and tax-advantaged strategies to distribute their wealth during their lifetime and leave a legacy

 I Am  Patricia Allen, CRPC® 

With a strong desire to become financially independent, I had to overcome many personal challenges in my early life. This wasn't easy and that required I be diligent about how I managed my money.   I started my financial services career out of a passion for helping women gain more confidence in their financial abilities.  Over the past 23 years, I have devoted myself to help women achieve financial freedom and security through financial literacy.

As a financial advisor, I wanted to be an example of what women could accomplish when they set their mind to it.  I wanted to inspire women who struggled to understand their money to be engaged in their financial lives.  And that is why I made it my mission to create a warm comfortable environment where women are encouraged to share their fears and concerns, are inspired to become more engaged in their financial affairs, and empowered to live a financially independent life regardless of the challenges they may face. 

I specialize in coaching and educating women who have decided to take control of their financial lives.  I will partner with you to create your "Personal Lifestyle Wealth Plan" as well as build your "Safe Money Strategies".  Through these custom strategies, you will achieve your financial goals by collaboratively developing a strategic financial plan based on your unique style of living.

Areas of specialization:
• Women & Retirement 
• Women & Financial Planning 
• Women & Personal Finance 
• Women & Wealth Management

I focus on planning with your life changes in mind, while guiding you through the process, to help you gain clarity around your money while increasing your financial knowledge along the way.

Customized financial strategies for women who have experienced:

• Death of  spouse 
• Divorce
• Approaching Retirement
• Career change

I am passionate about guiding women as a Wealth Advisor to identify and achieve their goals and dreams in all aspects of financial planning, including:

• Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
• Retirement Income Planning
• Business Succession Planning
Social Security Planning
• Safe Money Strategies

"You will  understand the financial consequences of life's transitions and be inspired to live your life well today while   preparing for your tomorrows"

Schedule your 30-Minute Get Financially Fit Strategy Call TODAY! 

Take the first step,  let's get acquainted! I listen and inquire about your past and present experiences, family, and concerns. Tell me your story and I will design a plan based on your values, goals - what's important to you. 

Education ~ Engagement ~ Empowerment




   Your Relationship with Your Money is About to Change

Is your broken money relationship and fear of not having enough holding you back? 

How many times have you avoided making important financial decisions because of fear or anxiety?

Lots of Women do
Are these the things you say to yourself?

Stories like:

* I'm afraid I might have to change my lifestyle in retirement –
* I might have to sell my home or take in a roommate. 
* If I retire will I have to take on a part-time job?

If any of this sounds like something you've told yourself.

These fears are normal
I hear you. I've been there myself. That's why I created 12 Wealth Building Habits of Financially Savvy Women.

Your relationship with your money is about to change! 

Learn how my millionaire clients secure their financial future!


12 Wealth Building Habits of Financially Savvy Women And begin loving your money now!

Take the first step,  let's get acquainted! I listen and inquire about your past and present experiences, family, and concerns. Tell me your story and I will design a plan based on your values, goals - what's important to you. 

Schedule your 30-Minute Get Financially Fit Strategy Call TODAY! 

                                                 More Than Data ~ The Heart of Financial Success!

There is no true empowerment until you are financially self-reliant!